Premise Security Systems

Our intelligent alarm system solutions by Honeywell have the capability of identifying which employees are arming and disarming your system, and when. This information allows you to keep careful track of entry and exit events at your business. We can have a weekly or monthly activity report indicating the date and time and associated user code of each armed/disarmed signal we received. This report will also show any and all other alarm signals sent by your security system during that time period. Remote Thermostat Control is also available.

  •   Scheduled Monitoring– Know when or who enters your business outside of normal business hours. You will get  a call with the details.

  •  Hold-up/Panic Buttons-For employees working in high-risk environments, emergency personnel will be  immediately dispatched to your site with the use of a hold-up/panic button.

  •  Access Control Systems-With an access control key-less entry security system you have the ability to manage,  monitor and audit entry to your building or restricted areas.

  •  Advanced Security-Carbon Monoxide Detection & Flood Detection

  •  Real Time Anywhere Control- Arm, Disarm, or Check Status from Remote PC or Smartphone

  •  Watch your camera’s remotely– Your Smartphone can access your camera system from anywhere in the world– You can see while your away!


  • Thermostat Control– Set and program your thermostats remotely.